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An LGBT young adult novel dealing with growing up, coming out, and domestic violence. Ryan spends every summer down south with his Nan; there, for the first time, he meets Alex. A strange, silent friendship flares up between them, and over the course of three years, Ryan comes to learn who Alex is – and ultimately, who he is as well. The only problem is that eventually, summer will be over. For good. Published by Queerteen Press in January 2013, and available here. A print copy is also available from the same website.


Vivald in the Dark

Sixteen-year-old Jayden falls in love with Darren Peace, a troubled violinist who is both everything Jayden wants, and everything he doesn’t: his brilliance is tempered by severe depression that gets worse the more he is forced to play. Jayden is torn between knowing he can’t help, and desperately wanting to regardless – until a mugging goes wrong gives him the chance to change everything. Vivaldi in the Dark is available here.



The sequel to Vivaldi in the Dark and available here.

It’s been an amazing three years, but that was school. This is university: Jayden’s at Cambridge, Darren’s working in Southampton, and things are going to change. Darren wants to hold on; Jayden isn’t so sure that there’s any point in that. After all, nobody goes through university and comes out with the same boyfriend they had when they went in, right? Time and distance is going to slowly pull them apart. But time and distance are going to do a lot more than that.



The sequel to The Devil’s Trill Sonata and available here.

Although their relationship has been repaired since the disaster that was Cambridge, Darren has not. His depression has worsened over the years until it is no longer an option to watch the illness play out its patterns. Treatment is a must. But when Darren’s best friend asks Darren to play at his wedding, Darren begins to slowly return to the half-forgotten piano. As he slowly sinks back into the music that he deserted seven years earlier, the shadows — finally — begin to fade.



Jesse can do the math: Ezra’s perfect, he isn’t, and this relationship is doomed. Until the accident forces Jesse to recalculate. Available from Breathless Press here.

    • Becs
    • May 7th, 2011

    Love your work! I was just wondering, am I being dull? How do I read your stories?

    • Thank you 🙂 You can read fiction works by following the main blog, as I will post extracts there from time to time. The Stardawn prologue was recently uploaded, for example. At the moment, I don’t have anything formally published in the public domain, so this website is the primary place to read now. (Of course, if all goes to plan, that will change!)

    • kurohimechan
    • July 28th, 2012

    Hello! I have found your wordpress by being madly in love with all of your Spones fanfiction :))) Anywho…I would love to read your original work (as I’m sure it’s AMAZING!) however, after following your blog (and I made a wordpress account solely to do this btw, hehe) I can’t seem to access anything :((( er…perhaps a bit of help please? Thanks!

    • God, sorry I’ve not answered this earlier!

      Whatever is available online can be found via the ‘original text’ or ‘fiction’ tags. I don’t put much from my novel-length work up online as it damages the odds of getting it published properly one day, but my flash fiction and short stories are available.

      I am also lucky enough to be having my first novel published in February in both ebook and eventually print formats, and I will be spamming the site with updates closer to the time.

  1. Congrats on future publication will look out for it. Your writing is what fandom refers to when we say that 50 shades is not good writing. With you in print we will have quality example in the published realm

  2. I enjoyed your K/S work very much on K/S archive. You write such lovely dialogues. The characters seemed so real to me.

    I hope you don’t mind me asking. Are you planning to continue the “What are the odds” series? I would certainly love to see more of it as that is the story that affected me most.

    Best of luck with your writing, and thank you for the great stories!

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